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Healing for Now
"Welcome to a journey where your emotions open an opportunity for growth."

About Me

I am Margaret and this is my story of healing. It’s important for you to understand how I was guided to do this work. I remember the first time I woke up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe. That was the beginning of a 30-year period where I gasped for breath (asthma) and at the same time sought answers from medical doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. Finally, I encountered a doctor who explained to me that, in his opinion, most physical disease and emotional dysfunction have an emotional, spiritual beginning. It became my quest to discover what that was.  In 1998, I was fortunate to find and work with Dr. Asha Clinton,  who at the time was developing Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), an in-depth energy psychotherapy. Dr. Clinton and I arrived at the emotional, spiritual set-up of my asthma. Within 2 years, I no longer had asthma.

Having experienced the healing of my asthma, I decided to train with Dr. Clinton. I realized that if I could breathe again, others may also be able to heal and transform whatever was an issue for them, whether it be an addiction, depression, anxiety or just not having their life the way they would like. I was drawn to pass on to others the work that saved my life. In 1999, I left my job as an administrator in the NYC Board of Education and pursued a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Margaret Hartmann, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Advanced Integrative Therapy

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) is a gentle, yet powerful, energy psychotherapy that heals the mind, body, and spirit. AIT is a way to move energy through the body chakras in order to unblock what is preventing you from fully living your life. Our emotions are a record of our past experiences and it is these past experiences that affect us when we get triggered in the present. With healing your past and present traumas, life begins to become easier to wade through and you become more centered and able to deal with issues that perhaps you have struggled with for years. It does this gently and quickly, enabling you to go through life being less bothered by everyday happenings, having fewer negative thoughts and emotions and self-defeating patterns of behavior. AIT treats the emotional effects of past or present traumas by removing the sting or pain. Peace and joy are the results of AIT.

I welcome you to a journey where your emotions, dysfunctions or illnesses open an opportunity for your growth and healing. And I’m thanking you in advance for allowing me to take that journey with you.

If you think you cannot heal, think again. I did.

I am a certified practitioner of Advance Integrative Therapy (AIT), specializing in present and past traumas. To explore AIT further, please click here.

I do not participate with any insurance companies. Please check your benefits to make sure you can go out-of-network. Fee for a 50-minute session is $140.00. A sliding scale is offered on a limited basis.

If you have any questions, please complete the form below and I will answer you as soon as possible.


Margaret Hartmann, LCSW

Located in: Redbank, NJ • Phone: 732-275-1036

I also offer phone and Skype sessions.